Human Design Class With Melissa Kirk

Does any of the following sound like you?

You feel like no one listens to you
You don’t understand your blocks
You give away your power to others
You want others to make decisions for you
You struggle with your weight
You feel like you’re living in the wrong place

You feel a pull to move or relocate, but are unsure where you will thrive
You don’t understand your role in life and how to interact with others
You have a hard time relating to others and you don’t know why
You love hearing more about yourself and your gifts
You want to understand why you’re drawn to some people and not to others

Learn more about the real you and what pleases your soul. We all were born into a body with an agenda, purpose, and a natural way of being. Our Human design course is based on your natal chart and the positioning of all the planets and stars relative to your birthplace, birthdate, and birth time. It is unique to you and does not change.

It was downloaded over 20 years ago and has Brought much clarity, awareness, abundance, and success to those who have learned to apply the information in their lives. When you come to this Melissa Kirk class, you will get a larger explanation and some personal information about your chart and what it means.

When you leave our session, you will have many tools to start making changes in your life that will turn frustration into success. I will be discussing each of the designs and different aspects, and you will be able to help your loved ones and understand group dynamics, family and business relationships, and why people do what they do. This human design course by Melissa Kirk is a life-changing experience that will fill you with empowering awareness.



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