Growing Your Relationship I: You and Your Significant Other

Duration: 2 Days

Our soulmates know us so well on a spiritual level that we really have to learn how to love ourselves to make relationships work. That is what the Growing Your Relationship seminar is all about. This Melissa Kirk course is designed to take you to the next step in your relationship and in your evolution to learn how to become a virtual unit. This seminar is not just for couples, but for anyone who wants to develop a relationship, an intimate relationship, and a partnership to reach their highest potential.

Our Growing Your Relationships course will help you build a strong partnership and foundation, keep your relationship fresh and new, and help it work for you. We strive to help you learn how to really love another person and how to let them love you back while removing blocks and obstacles handed down to all of us by our ancestors. When we truly love ourselves, we get the next level of enlightenment. Would you like to know how to live your life without fearing love? Without guilt in relationships? To be loved by your companion?  Join the Growing Your Relationships Seminar to learn more.

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